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Areas of Expertise

We know it is difficult to stay up to date on the industry trends in promoting your business. that’s why you rely on us to know the innovative options and trending products for you. We are more than a distributor of products. We work with each of our clients individually to assess their needs and determine the best way to represent their business brand to their current and potential customers.


Simply supply us with a basic hand sketch or computer drawing of your design to give us an idea of what you are looking for so that we can create the design you want. You can supply your artwork via E-mail, fax or post to our art department and we will fax or e-mail you the final result for your approval.


imagesWe can create a whole new image for your company or recreate your company logo with amazing accuracy acquiring the finest detail possible with thread. To ensure quality in our work, we use the latest in embroidery computer technology. This new and exciting technology increases our efficiency and at the same time decreases your digitising fee


Screen Printing

We have state of the art, multi-color, multi-option printing capabilities.

Heat Sealing

The most common way to affix player numbers /names to jerseys is through heat sealing. That’s why we have the finest heat press machines and skilled technicians.


Imagine the possibilities of a system designed to provide our customers endless opportunities to place their artwork on the fabric, through sublimation (vaporization) of special inks from pre-printed paper under the action of heat and pressure.


This is a print finishing process that produces a raised image. This process dusts a previously printed image with a powder before the image’s ink has been allowed to dry. Applying heat makes the powder and the ink fuse and form a raised image. This process is mainly used for stationery.